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The following is a list of episodes of the Nick at Nite series, Instant Mom. Created by Jessica Butler and Warren Bell, the show follows Stephanie Phillips who's a food blogger and party girl, who has to drastically tone down her erstwhile partying ways when she marries an older man, Charlie Phillips.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 23 September 29, 2013 June 12, 2014
2 23 October 2, 2014 2015
3 20[1] 2015 2016

Season 1: 2013-14Edit

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
1 1 "Pilot" September 29, 2013 101 1.27[2]
Stephanie Phillips, a newly-married step mom tries to be more strict when her oldest step daughter, Gabrielle wants to go a house party on a school night.
2 2 "The Lying Game" October 6, 2013 106 1.17[3]
Getting advice from Maggie, Stephanie resorts to telling lies to get out of tough situations. However, Stephanie begins to set a bad example, when James is caught in a lie at school.
3 3 "Harp & Soul" October 13, 2013 103 1.24[4]
Stephanie forces the kids to play musical instruments. Gabrielle is later stuck playing the organ at the church, when she does not know how to play, fooling Stephanie the entire time.
4 4 "Forty-Two Inches of Pure Evil" October 20, 2013 105 1.30[5]
Stephanie tries to help Aaron when he is bullied by another student. Maggie goes overboard helping Gabby with her cheerleading.
5 5 "Not a Date" October 27, 2013 108 1.20[6]
Gabby seeks help from Stephanie to convince Charlie to let her date. James tricks Aaron to let go of a toy, so he can have it for himself.
6 6 "Rock Mom" November 3, 2013 110 1.29[7]
Stephanie starts to feel insecure about her age. James and Aaron try to bribe Maggie for money to buy a video game.
7 7 "Dances with She-Wolves" November 10, 2013 104 0.86[8]
Stephanie tries to fit in with a group of moms planning the dance at James' school. James gets advice from Charlie on wanting to speak to a girl he likes. Gabby keeps in contact via FaceTime with one of her friends who now lives in an African safari.
8 8 "In Blog We Trust" November 24, 2013 102 0.88[9]
Stephanie seeks parenting advice by starting an anonymous blog and receives helpful tips until she discovers that the “helpful” users are the kids living under her roof, who have an agenda of their own.
9 9 "The Gift of the Maggies" December 8, 2013 114 1.02[10]
Stephanie surprises the family with a visit from her father at Christmas. Stephanie is surprised by Maggie's reaction to her father's visit.
10 10 "Staycation" January 5, 2014 109 1.07[11]
Stephanie comes up with activities at home when the family gets snowed in on a planned vacation. Charlie injures his back after taking the luggage upstairs, ignoring Stephanie's advice to be careful.
11 11 "Babysit This" January 12, 2014 111 1.14[12]
Stephanie goes to a hospital-related event where Charlie is the speaker, leaving Gabby to babysit James and Aaron when the babysitter that Stephanie hired leaves. However, Stephanie's decision to leave Gabby in charge upsets Charlie, feeling that Stephanie should have consulted with him first, before making that decision.
12 12 "Dine Hard" January 19, 2014 113 1.18[13]
Charlie invites his boss over for dinner, to get a promotion at the hospital, with Stephanie planning the dinner. However, the kids bad behavior ruins the plans.
13 13 "True Romance" February 9, 2014 116 0.97[14]
Stephanie is upset after finding out that Charlie used same the vows from his first wedding again in his wedding to her. Aaron gives away Stephanie's jewelry to his girlfriend Sam as a Valentine's Day gift. Sam then gives the jewelry to her grandmother, who is reluctant to give them to Stephanie. Gabby tricks James into thinking that his Valentine is stalking him.
14 14 "A Kids' Choice" March 29, 2014 126 3.44[15]
Gabby and James both submit their own videos to win tickets to a sold-out Cody Simpson concert, but when Aaron wins the tickets with his own video, the family fights over who will go with him.
15 15 "Chore Money, Chore Problems" April 3, 2014 119 1.67[16]
Stephanie cancels the maid service and gives the kids chores in an attempt for them to learn responsibility, but her plan backfires when the kids go on strike.
16 16 "Requiem for Mr. Floppity" April 10, 2014 112 1.35[17]
Aaron brings his class rabbit home to take care of it for the weekend but after it dies, Stephanie steps in and is determined to explain the nature of loss to Aaron, despite his teacher's objections.
17 17 "Buy Any Jeans Necessary" April 17, 2014 115 1.46[18]
Stephanie and Charlie take sides when Gabby is held for shoplifting after returning a pair of jeans with the sensor still on; James sells unopened wedding presents to make extra money.
18 18 "Distant Mom" April 24, 2014 120 1.61[19]
The kids return from vacation with their mom in Mozambique, and then they learn that they'll be moving there, far away from Stephanie and Charlie. Meanwhile, Stephanie is responsible of hiring a clown for a one year old's birthday party.
19 19 "Camp Fear" May 1, 2014 117 1.61[20]
Stephanie goes on the family camping trip to help Aaron earn scout badges, but when Maggie shows up in the camping trailer, the family has no interest in being out in the woods, so Stephanie is determined to keep them out of there so Aaron can earn his scout badges the right way.
20 20 "Not Your Mother's Day" May 8, 2014 125 1.38[21]
Stephanie is excited about celebrating her first Mother's Day until she learns that the family plans to celebrate her on Stepmother's Day instead; Stephanie takes her mother to a day spa and gets some unexpected "mom" advice from a few experts who attempt to cheer her up.
21 21 "The Last Auction Hero" May 29, 2014 122 1.54[22]
Stephanie organizes a charity auction to inspire the children to give back; Stephanie goes to extreme measures to beat the previous fundraising record.
22 22 "48 Hours" June 5, 2014 107 1.27[23]
Stephanie has her friend Jenny stay with her while Charlie's away on a business trip. James must complete a school project in time. Aaron has a play date with his friend Brody, and Gabby is grounded.
23 23 "Should Old Acquaintance Be for Hire" June 12, 2014 123 0.98[24]
Stephanie bribes Gabby and James when she hires an old boyfriend to install a new sound system for Charlie. Stephanie doesn't want Maggie to be negative about the whole situation so Maggie volunteers to say nothing and Aaron has trouble trying to keep a secret. Stephanie and Charlie then have their anniversary dinner out at a restaurant.

Season 2: 2014-15Edit

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
24 1 "Sanders Again" October 2, 2014 203 1.12[25]
In the second-season opener, Stephanie worries that she is working too much when Aaron's imaginary friend, Sanders, returns. After researching the issue, Stephanie does her best to make the invisible pal feel comfortable.
25 2 "An Egg by Any Other Name" October 9, 2014 118 1.08[26]
The kids' garden is destroyed by the neighbors, so Stephanie and Charlie seek revenge, and soon the kids follow their bad example.
26 3 "Gabby's Game Boy" October 16, 2014 201 1.19[27]
When Stephanie and Charlie learn that Gabby has had a secret boyfriend, they meet him, finding him to be a bad influence.
27 4 "Children of the Candy Corn" October 23, 2014 207 1.34[28]
Stephanie feels expendable on Halloween when the kids make their own plans. Meanwhile, Charlie tries to maintain his record for having the best decorated house in the neighborhood.
28 5 "Teacher's Pest" November 6, 2014 204 1.90[29]
Aaron lands in hot water with his teacher, whom he calls a doofus—a word he heard Stephanie utter. Meanwhile, James uses Charlie in his plan to get out of doing his history homework.
29 6 "James Goes Pro" November 13, 2014 202 1.67[30]
James' video-game skills get him on a professional team, but then he regrets going pro, so Stephanie and Charlie try to get him out of his contract.
30 7 "Drill Team" November 20, 2014 205 1.45[31]
Stephanie agrees to see a dentist to help Aaron get over his fears, but is nervous to discover the dentist is a face from her past.
31 8 "Popular Mechanics" December 4, 2014 209 1.86[32]
James becomes popular at school after others incorrectly believe he's a bad boy, and when one of his new pals does something wrong, he's reluctant to tattle; Stephanie lectures James about doing the right thing.


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